BIG MK2 TENT – Echo 3

Echo 3 trailer


Standard Tent

This Echo 3 trailer is the most economical trailer that we offer, it comes with a standard tent and a queen size bed (2.0 m x 1.50 m).

The 50 l fridge is not build in. Whether you plan to enjoy a quick break from the city or you just want to try out this way of camping, this is the right one for you.

Same as all our trailers it is equipped with all necessary camping items including table, chairs and the build in kitchen with a full gas bottle.


MK 2 Tent

This Echo 3 trailer comes with the newer tent layout. The big tent stands upright and offers more headroom than the standard tent and the comfy bed is bigger than queen size (2.10 m x 1.50 m).

The build in full kitchen and the plentiful drawers make your camp life easier.

The 50 l fridge is not build in. This makes the Echo 3 trailer lighter and easy to maneuver. It will suit a family that wants to camp at one campsite for a time or a couple travelling around and exploring Africa.